1. Tehokas keskivartalojumppa

    Liikunta-alan ammattilainen

    Liikunta-alan ammattilainen Kati Nikkanen neuvoo tehokkaan keskivartalojumpan aikaa sääsätäen.
    Tässä reseptissä keskitytään lihasryhmään, joka jää usein liian vähälle huomiolle tärkeydestään huolimatta.
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  2. Raikas cocktail kesän juhliin

    Påre recipes

    Påre recipes offers different kinds of recipes for well-being. In every recipe there are used the same ingredient than in the Påre skincare products. Well-being is also enjoying the life and include there some tasteful moments. The next recipe is a summery spritzer. Read more.

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  3. Recovery drink


    Triathlon coach Petri Virjo has a long experience from the different sports from the resistance training to the power training. Virjo is a long-term athlete himself and have a variety of the recipes from different sport drinks in his pocket. The next recovery drink has been developed to meet the needs of the regular people after A work out. The best benefit from the drink comes after over one-hour exercise but even 45 min of training can be very hard.

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  4. Why Påre skincare was created?


    Why Påre skincare was created?

    Quality is more than an amount. If you dig deeper into this sentence it has two different views on it. For the ecological aspect, you don’t need to manufacture or buy so many products, if you focus to the quality. For the wellbeing view, life is getting more and more hectic and busy as we speak. All the time left over is precious to us.

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  5. Påre skincare

    It is easy.

    Påre blog is open!

    Påre was born, when I was developing a skincare product line in France. I started to think, that we have a lot of high-quality knowledge in Finland from field of product development, and we should take it to use. I felt that there was a need for a skincare product line, which is easy to use, high-quality and affordable. Read more.

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