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Påre was born, when I was developing a skincare product line in France. I started to think, that we have a lot of high-quality knowledge in Finland from field of product development, and we should take it to use. I felt that there was a need for a skincare product line, which is easy to use, high-quality and affordable.

I got an amazing team to support my idea and project. After two years time of developing and hard work, Påre was launched at the end of the year 2017. Despite that the developing time felt so long, I wanted to create products, which are safe to use and tested correctly. The used time was not wasted at all!

Behind Påre skincare products there is a philosophy about uniqueness and simpleness. During my time in the field of cosmetics, I have noticed that customers are demanded to have a lot of knowledge before purchasing a skincare product. One should know what kind of product is suitable for a certain skintype. And there are a lot of options! When using Påre, you don´t need that amount of knowledge beforehand. Påre products are planned to suit every skintype, regardless from age or gender. 

I am so happy, that Påre have been welcomed so warmly! Customers have given us good feedback regarding unisex products, mild and fresh fragrance and the sufficiency.

I think that corporative responsibility is important and Therefor we donate 0.10 € per sold product to carefully selected fields of research, such as the development of alternative materials, renewable energy technologies, more efficient and sustainable land use, environmental technology or the promotion of environmental awareness through education. Our first donation will be given to education and research, because that is what Påre is also based on. 

I warmly thank you all, who have already got familiar with Påre! You can get more information from Påre products here. 

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