Påre recipes offers different kinds of recipes for well-being. In every recipe there are used the same ingredient than in the Påre skincare products. Well-being is also enjoying the life and include there some tasteful moments. The next recipe is a summery spritzer. 

Summery cocktail 

The summer is full of different kinds of celebrations. Summer in Finland is not very long but offers fresh and delicious flavors to be used in cooking and tasteful beverages. One of the best bartenders in Finland, Jarkko Salonen, has mixed several summer cocktails during his honourably career as a bartender. Salonen says, that the best flavors can be found by testing different new ingredients with open-mind. The creativity can lead to the surprising results. For example, by mixing basil and strawberry the result is reminding of the flavor of the gooseberries. The fresh ingredients are important in cooking, but Salonen reminds that they are also important when mixing tasteful cocktails. 
The next cocktail is trendy and summery spritzer and it is planned to be suitable to be prepared in every summer kitchen. A spritzer is a cooling drink and traditionally made of white wine and carbonated water. This summery cocktail is made of fresh ingredients and a new tonic water called Edelflower tonic.

Summery cocktail for an adult taste

Fresh raspberries (4-5 berries)
Basil (4-5 leaves)
Sparkling wine
Edelflower tonic

Cool down the glass. A wine glass is suitable for this drink. Add the ice and raspberries. Take the basil between your hands and open the flavors by slapping leaves gently. Pour glass half full of the sparkling wine and fill the rest with tonic water. Stir through. Enjoy among friends and family.

A bartender

Jarkko Salonen is a one of the best bartenders in Finland. Picture: Aniko Lehtinen