Påre Recipes is a new blog section ib Påre blog. It offers different resipes to feel good. The first post is offering a Recovery drink recipe by a Triathlon Coach. 

The Easy Recovery Drink After A Work Out

Triathlon coach Petri Virjo has a long experience from the different sports from the resistance training to the power training. Virjo is a long-term athlete himself and have a variety of the recipes from different sport drinks in his pocket. The next recovery drink has been developed to meet the needs of the regular people after A work out. The best benefit from the drink comes after over one-hour exercise but even 45 min of training can be very hard.
Especial to the non-professional athletes it is very important to recover properly after the training, so that there is left enough energy to the day-to-day life and to avoid the unnecessary injuries. The protein helps to build the muscles, the vitamins protects, and the carbs are making sure that there are enough energy also for the next moves. Beside this the most important things in recovery are resting, the right nutrition and taking care of the body and the muscles. The properly maintained body works more effective.

The easy recovery drink

Blender (about 7-8 dl)
1 dl Whey
1 Regular size banana
½ dl- 1dl Lingonberry
1 dl Milk
2 Tablespoons Vanilla ice cream (Can be also left out)
Few ice cubes

There can be different variations of this drink by switching the lingonberries for example to the blueberries, replacing the milk to the water or by adding some fresh herbs like the mint. The amount of the ingredients can be also halved if needed.

Triathlon coach

Picture: Teemu Ojapalo, Bullseye Photography