Trendy skincare

Megatrends are mainstream

Påre is taking care of the individual person`s skin, but above of that there is a bigger picture of the surrounding world. The world is facing huge changes, which are not always positive. Individual can make a difference with the small every-day choices. They certainly won´t be the solutions, but every choice is a step ahead and is affecting to the bigger lines. The Megatrends are big waves of development heading to the same direction. Inside the Megatrends there can be smaller trends, which can be opposite to the huge Megatrends and to the other smaller trends.

Påre is following the path of the Megatrends and one of the most important value for Påre is equality. We all have skin and the healthy skin requires the same things to look radiance: 1. Clean 2. Moisturize 3. Exfoliate. Påre offers high-quality, affordable and easy way to take care of the skin, regardless of gender, age or skin type. Digitalisation makes the day-to-day life easier with different digital platforms, but at the same time it can feel a little strange and unsafe. Is it safe to order skincare products from the webstore? Påre is a Nordic skincare product line, which follows the EU regulations. Påre is manufactured in Helsinki, Finland. Wellbeing and capability to manage the hectic and development-oriented life, will give a competitive edge to the people in the future. There is no-time to waste and all the time left over is wise to use for the recovering. Påre offers an easy way to take care of the skin which is a one part of the overall wellbeing. By that the time is spared to the more important things like the surrounding people.

As mentioned above, not the all the changes are positive. Our surrounding nature is in the middle of the change. Påre includes both the organic ingredients and the ingredients created in the laboratory, which are equally effective. Every ingredient is there for a reason: Aloe Vera calms down the skin, lingonberry protects, xylitol moisturizes, and raspberry renews the skin. The product line is strictly limited, because the quality is more than an amount. Påre donates 0.10 € per sold product to carefully selected fields of research, such as the development of alternative materials or renewable energy technologies, more efficient and sustainable land use, environmental technology or the promotion of environmental awareness through education.

Education offers opportunities. The big challenges require widening of the aspects and deeper understanding. That is a one of the reasons, why Påre´s first donation will be given to research-based, open-to-all university education. The skincare product line is not certainly the solution for every problem. Påre is completed of its purpose, if it can affect even a little bit for the wellbeing, when taking care of the surface, the skin. We love skincare and we try to do that the best way we can.

Annastiina Rönn