Why Påre skincare was created?

The Quality is more than an amount. If you dig deeper into this sentence it has two different views on it. For the ecological aspect, you don’t need to manufacture or buy so many products, if you focus to the quality. For the wellbeing view, life is getting more and more hectic and busy as we speak. All the time left over is precious to us.

The information flood is showering us daily. Although there is a lot of information available, it is not always easy to pick up the most valuable information to form the knowledge on the individual level. What kind of skin type one has? Can one use skincare products meant for the women/men? How many different products is needed? Taking care of yourself is one part of overall wellbeing. That is a reason why I think it is important that skin care is made as easy as possible.

When skincare is not taking so much time, it fits to our weekly routines and don’t take time for the most important parts of our life- family, friends, exercising or anything that makes us feel good.
Påre is planned to suit every skin type regardless of the age or gender. Products are easy to use, they are made of the high-quality ingredients and the product range is strictly limited and thought through after to the three basics steps of skincare: 1. Clean 2. Moisturize 3. Exfoliate. All this so we could take better care of ourselves and take a focus in the quality instead of the amount.