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Why choose Påre Skincare?

Your skin is special, but not that special

Everyone’s skin requires the same things to be healthy: 1. cleansing, 2. moisturising and 3. exfoliation. Påre Skincare products have been developed to care for your skin based on these three principles. That’s why they are suitable for everyone – regardless of gender, age, skin colour or skin type. Påre Skincare products include organic ingredients. All ingredients are chosen based on what your skin needs. Our products’ effects on the skin are based on natural ingredients, which encourage skin renewal.

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We really care

No bullshit.

We use only the very best, carefully selected materials. Each ingredient is chosen with care, and the product doesn’t contain anything unnecessary. There is a reason why each ingredient was included, and we want that information to be openly available. We make no promises that we can’t keep, which is why we also don’t make exaggerated advertising claims.

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