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Personal data 

Påre Skincare cares about your security and will do its best to protect your personal data in all situations. Påre Skincare acts in compliance with all applicable personal data laws and regulations. This policy, among other things, will help you understand what kind of personal information Påre Skincare collects and how we use them. By accepting this privacy policy while shopping in the online store or providing personal data, you agree to the processing of your personal data as described below. 

Påre Skincare (Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy), (“Påre”) is the registrar responsible for handling your data. 

What personal data do we handle? 

We process personal data that you have provided for us or that we have collected through the cookies on our website, with the goal of managing your orders and meeting our obligations towards you as a customer. Personal data processed by Påre includes your name, e-mail, purchases, payments, orders, credit card number, delivery address, IP address and phone number.  

How do we use your personal data? 

The data can be used for identification, marketing, customer surveys, newsletters and statistics. We may also use the information to send mail, SMS or e-mail to you as well as for phone marketing and notifications, unless you have prohibited this type of communication. You can contact us at any time and prohibit all marketing targeted at you as a customer. The use of your personal information may result in the processing of your information together with information from other registers inside and outside the EU and to the processing of your personal data within the scope of the laws and regulations applicable for the purposes described above. Information can also be processed together with information provided by the authorities or, for example, our distribution and printing partners, as well as information provided by or shared with third-party payment or credit card service providers. In these cases, Påre will always practice extreme vigilance. 

The data can also be used to analyse shopping behaviour so that we can provide you with relevant information and marketing material, and develop our website, payment methods, and payment processes. Data processing related to payment method and process development may include giving access to your personal information to partner companies, as well as to third-party service providers for analysis. Therefore, your personal information may be processed together with information originating from other registers, such as credit information registers. 

Your personal identity number will also be processed on behalf of third parties providing payment or credit card services (or at their request) so that they can obtain credit reports from third parties. 

By accepting this practice while shopping in the online store or providing personal data, you agree to the transfer of your personal data to non-EEA countries. 

If Påre's business is wholly or partly sold or it is merged with another business, your personal information may be disclosed to our advisors, potential buyers or the buyers’ advisors, as well as to the new owner of the business. 

Påre uses Google advertising services. You can read more about the ways Google gathers and processes information here. 

How do we protect your personal data? 

We have several privacy policies that we use to protect the personal information that we process. To protect your personal information, we use security measures as well as technical and organizational methods. In addition, we have the appropriate firewall and antivirus software to protect our network and prevent unauthorized access to it. Physical access to the premises where the information is kept is limited and employees must provide an ID to enter. 

For how long will Påre store my personal data? 

If you become a registered Påre customer, we will store your data until you cancel your registration. You can cancel your registration at any time. If you do not register as a customer/member, your personal data will only be stored for as long as is required to meet statutory requirements and for Påre to meet their obligations towards you as a customer (e.g. delivery or warranty obligations). 

In any case, your personal information will not be stored for longer than defined by the applicable data protection law. 

Reviewing, updating and correcting your personal data 

In accordance with the applicable privacy law, you are entitled to receive, free of charge, information about the personal data we use, irrespective of the way the data are collected. To receive this information, you must send us a written request by e-mail. 

Påre wants to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date. If any of the information you have provided to Påre changes, for example, your email address, name or payment information, or you wish to change your account, please provide the correct information to Påre via e-mail. You have the right to ask for your personal data to be corrected, blocked or removed at any time. 

Your personal data will not be processed for direct marketing purposes if you prohibit this type of processing. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of any of your personal information at any time. This withdrawal of consent may be limited to only some type(s) of processing, e.g. direct marketing. 

Changes to the privacy policy 

Påre reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time if changes are necessary to correct problems or to meet new statutory or technical requirements. All changes to this privacy policy will be published on our website.  

Hyvinvointi Sulo oy / Påre Skincare register description 


Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy / Påre Skincare (hereinafter “Påre Skincare”) Kirkkotie 5-7, 12400 Tervakoski. 


Maria Kaarnakari / Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy, tel. +358207301393, Mannerheimintie 120, 00270 Helsinki, 


Hyvinvoitni Sulo Oy/Påre Skincare Customer Register 


The register is used for the purpose of delivering and processing Påre's order deliveries as well as for targeted marketing by post, email or mobile phone in accordance with the marketing permission. The processing of personal data is based on a customer relationship, consent or assignment or another relevant connection. Personal data is processed in accordance with paragraph 19 and clauses 1, 2 and 5 of paragraph 8 of the Personal Data Act. 

The personal data stored in the register will be used to manage Påre's customer relations across various media, its appropriate contacts and associated transactions and communications, order handling, business planning, development and follow-up, marketing, communications, satisfaction, opinion and market research inquiries and other related activities, targeting and analysing business activities and for other similar purposes. 

Påre uses the subcontractors to perform technical and practical implementation of personal data processing tasks. 


The register may include the following basic information provided by the customer: Name, age or year of birth, native language, address, one other identifying piece of information related to the registered person. Other information that may be processed: Permission information, information on the topics of interest indicated by the registered person, information on visiting frequency in Påre's online shop, or any other information necessary for contact or targeting purposes. 


Regularly, the information in the register will be acquired from the customer themselves, with the customer’s approval or based on the customer relationship, appropriate contact, related transactions and other similar activities, through various channels. 


Information in the register will not be disclosed to outsiders. Data may be transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area, as permitted by the Personal Data Act. Personal information may be disclosed to Påre's selected partners for marketing purposes within the scope of the Personal Data Act. Påre may also disclose information to the competent authorities, for example in order to identify misuse. 


Each customer has the right to check their own information stored in the register. The information can be accessed by submitting a written request, signed by the person themselves, to the registrar (paragraph 2). The information will be sent, in writing and by mail, to the address indicated in the request. If there is an error in the registered data, the registered person may submit a request for correction of the error to the person responsible for the register, mentioned in paragraph 2. Each customer has the right to prohibit the registrar from processing information about her/himself for direct marketing purposes and market and opinion polls. If you want to prohibit data processing, contact the address given in paragraph 1. 


Manual materials: Registration and competition forms and other manually processed documents containing personal data will be destroyed after processing.  

Electronic register: Påre's customer register is in electronic format. It is securely protected by external firewalls and other technical safeguards. Only appointed employees of Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy and its partners are entitled to process the information contained in the customer register. They have an obligation to observe secrecy. 

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