Online shop terms of delivery

Valid from 1.11.2017.

Delivery address

The customer is responsible for ensuring that they provide the correct delivery address. Delivery address information should be detailed and include the name on the door, the street address and the post office. If the recipient’s name is different from the names on the door or mail box, use the c/o marking (e.g. “Recipient name” c/o “Name on the door”).

If the customer provides us with an incorrect delivery address and Posti or another carrier returns the parcel to the sender in accordance with their delivery terms, Påre Skincare (Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy) charges the customer for delivery and handling fees and processing fees based on the actual costs (delivery and return costs). In accordance with their delivery terms, Posti reserves the right to not deliver to an address if, according to their information or the information they get from the census register, there is no person with the given recipient’s name living at that address. If you do want to have your items delivered to an address like this, you must use the above-mentioned c/o marking.

We deliver to Finland and EU countries

The delivery time is 2–5 work days from the work day after the day the order was placed. You can choose which delivery method you prefer. We will send an SMS notification to the mobile number you provided for your customer account, or to your e-mail if no phone number is available. Posti does not provide a tracking number for small deliveries sent as letters, so no tracking is available for letter deliveries. If your order has been sent as a parcel, we will send you the tracking number so you can track your order by visiting the website. If you are located outside Finland, your order will be delivered by Posti’s international partners. We reserve the right to deliver small orders as letters, directly to your home. We also reserve the right to send packages that exceed the maximum dimensions allowed by the Posti automatic parcel terminals to a post office.

Delayed orders

If the order is delayed, Påre Skincare (Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy) is obligated to inform the customer of delays and force majeure situations. A force majeure situation is an unexpected situation or change of circumstances that Hyvinvointi Sulo Oy has no control over. Delivery methods and prices

Delivery to Finland

Available delivery methods and prices will be presented during checkout, once you have placed the products into the shopping cart. Depending on the method, delivery costs vary between 5.90–10.90 €. If you want to route the incoming postal parcel to a post office other than the nearest one, you can make the change to delivery information by using Posti's service here.

The postal parcel will be delivered to the post office of your choosing. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Region as well as in Turku and Tampere, post office deliveries are also made on Saturdays. The arrival notification will be sent to the recipient via SMS or e-mail. The parcel will be stored at the post office for 14 days. Bring an ID with you when picking up the parcel. Delivery price 5.90 €.

Watch the video: Picking up a parcel from an automated terminal

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If you choose to pick up the parcel from Posti's automated terminal, it is delivered to the terminal of your choosing. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, as well as in Turku and Tampere, post office deliveries are also made on Saturdays. The arrival notification will be sent to the recipient via SMS or e-mail. The parcel will be stored at the automated terminal for 7 days. If the terminal is full or malfunctioning, the parcel will be directed to the post office closest to you. Delivery price 5.90 €.

You can pick up the parcel from the automated terminal whenever it best suits you. The nearest terminal could be within your own housing cooperative. In this case, the parcel will be delivered to the lobby of your block of flats, with no extra home delivery cost. Read more about Posti’s SmartPOST service and terminal locations here.

Posti’s home delivery option means the parcel is delivered to your door. Your parcel will be delivered as a climate friendly Posti Green parcel. In most cases, Posti will contact you on the next work day so you can choose a delivery time (between 9.00-21.00). The service only includes one delivery attempt, and if the recipient cannot be reached, the parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office. Delivery price 10.90

Delivery to EU countries

We deliver orders to EU countries. International parcels / Priority, Parcel Connect If you choose an international postal parcel (EU countries), the products you ordered will be delivered to a post office. Bring an ID with you. Delivery price 10,90 € to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia 14.90 €.

European Parcel deliveries will be delivered to your door or to a pick-up-point, depending on the country. You will be sent a text message when the package arrives. 24.90 €.

Deliveries outside the EU: EMS China, Japan and Russia. 21,90€  

General information on deliveries

If some of the items you have ordered are out of stock, we will contact you via e-mail. We reserve the right to change the chosen delivery method if the combined weight, value or number of products requires it or gives reason to do so. Any additional costs will be covered by Påre Skincare – no additional costs will be charged from the customer. Posti usually delivers parcels within Finland in 1–2 work days. Click here to see how long Posti stores parcels. Note that the links to Posti’s services may change from time to time.

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