Me todella välitämme

No bullshit

We only use the very best, carefully selected materials. Each ingredient is carefully selected, and our products don’t contain anything unnecessary. For every ingredient, there is a reason why it was included, and we want that information to be openly available. We make no promises that we can’t keep, which is why we also don’t make exaggerated advertising claims.

For all of us

Everyone can use Påre regardless of skin type, age or gender. Our goal is to make everyday life easier for everyone and provide a simple, affordable and high-quality skincare option.

We care

We recognize the cosmetics industry’s global challenges, such as environmental impacts. At the societal level, these challenges affect us all. We want to do our part to protect the Earth. That is why we donate 0.10 € per sold product to carefully selected fields of research, such as the development of alternative materials or renewable energy technologies, more efficient and sustainable land use, environmental technology or the promotion of environmental awareness through education.

The first donation plan

Our first donation will be given to research-based, open-to-all university education provided by the Open University of the University of Helsinki. A wide variety of courses provide new perspectives on current events and social phenomena. Education plays a major role in environmental awareness, at both the local and global levels.

Read more about the Open university of Helsinki.

We stay in touch

We are always developing our products, react quickly to people’s needs and live in this moment. We always take the society around us into account and look for ways to make our business more environmentally friendly.

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